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Lónkot Rural Resort

Ferđaţjónustan Lónkoti
Address: 566 Hofsós, Skagafjörđur
Tel: +354 453 7432 | 822 5224

Lónkot Rural Resort offers their guests a sensory experience in natures magnetic setting at Lónkot situated north of Cape Ţórđarhöfđi in Skagafjörđur. Lónkot is a family owned guesthouse and restaurant since 1991 garnering great reviews for its gastronomy and hospitality. Our restaurant is renowned for its creativity of fusing traditions of the Icelandic cuisine with a twist of modern and artful flair. Our food is inspired by flowers, herbs and berries from our gardens and by our blueberry hills. Our dishes are served in various ways in association with wonderful assortments of fish from the clean ocean and waters around and our exquisite mountain lamb and birds from the outstanding islands of Drangey and Málmey in Skagafjörđur.
GPS: 66.005072,-19.40134

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