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Hvammstangi & Laugarbakki

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530 Hvammstangi:

Gallery Bardusa commercial museum
Hanna Sigga Guesthouse
Kidka wool workshop
KVH Supermarket
Hlašan Coffeehouse
The Icelandic Seal Center
Seal watching - Tours
Swimming pool
Söluskįlinn Harpa
Information center

Travel service
531 (rural):

Dęli Holiday Farm
Geitafell Seafood Restaurant
Guesthouse Stašarskįli
Grettistak - Viking festival
Langafit Handcraftmarket
Hotel Borgarvirki
Hotel Laugarbakki
Greta“s House of Clay
N1 Stašarskįli
Nešra Vatnshorn
Farfuglaheimiliš Sęberg
Anglingclub Arnarvatn

Travel service
500 Boršeyri (Staš):

Local Museum, Hunavatnssyslur & Strandir
Stadarskįli Guesthouse
Tangahśs Travel service


Laugarbakki: 9 km
Blonduos: 58 km
Skagastrond: 81 km
Saudarkrokur: 105 km
Varmahlid: 109 km
Holar: 136 km
Hofsos: 143 km

Borgarnes: 124 km
Reykjavik: 197 km
Akureyri: 203 km
Husavik: 294 km

Hvammstangi is the most densely populated area in the west Hśnažing County. It is a service centre for the surrounding neighbourhood and also a school site and an administrative centre. It has a population of 580 people. Trading has taken place at Hvammstangi for over 50 years old and the Trading Museum by the harbour displays this history. Hvammstangi has a good harbour and shrimps are the main fishing industry along with small fishing vessels.

The largest knitting and sewing factory in the country is located in Hvammstangi. In Hvammstangi are many specialised small businesses e.g. cosmetics and cooling products production, a goldsmith, a plastic bag manufacturer etc. Bardśsa, a crafts hop, offers very ambitious and equally beautiful handcrafted goods. The cultural life in Hvammstangi is also very diverse it offers choirs, a drama society, the Kormįkur sports society, a community centre for young people - to name but a few.

Last but not least Hvammstangi has many possibilities for the tourist: a swimming pool, camping grounds, guesthouses and shops. From Hvammstangi is only a short travel to Vatnsnes with a wealth of varied historical sites, beautiful scenery, great views of the mountains at Strandir and last but not least a seal habitat within easy walking distance.

Laugarbakki is a young village with around 80 inhabitants and it lies close to the river Mišfaršarį, which used to be known as Langafit. As told in the Saga of Grettir the Strong horse fights took place here. Laugarbakki is a geothermal site, which sustains not only this friendly village but also that of Hvammstangi.

A greenhouse, primary school, sports hall and hot pots can all be found at Laugarbakki. An excellent family reunion service is operated there in the summer with a campsite, a community centre, a grocery store and much more on hand. Fishing licenses for the lakes and rivers at Arnarvatnsheiši can be obtained at Laugarbakki, which is almost like a gate to the highlands.

Hvammstangi Blonduos Skagastrond Saudarkrokur Varmahlid Holar Hofsos

Our good neighbors: Strandir