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Hofsos: 25 km
Saudarkrokur: 31 km
Varmahlid: 43 km
Blönduós: 78 km
Skagastrond: 83 km
Laugarbakki: 133 km
Hvammstangi: 136 km

Akureyri: 122 km
Husavik: 214 km
Borgarnes: 247 km
Reykjavik: 321 km

Hólar is one of two Episcopal seats in Iceland and one of the primary historical places in Iceland. The Bishopric was created in 1106 and the first bishop was Jón Ögmundsson. For seven centuries Hólar was a bishopric and thereto a school has been operated there for centuries. During these times Hólar really was the capital of northern part of Iceland. The bishopric came to an end in 1801 however it was revived in 1985 and now the auxiliary bishop sits there. The most well known bishops were Jón Arason the last catholic bishop and Guðbrandur Þorláksson who printed Guðbrands bible. Jón Arason bought the first printing press to Iceland.

The current church at Hólar is the fifth cathedral in a row and was erected in 1763 and is built of red sandstone from Hólabryða a mountain that overlooks the site. It is the oldest stone church in Iceland and has now to some extent been reconstructed to its earlier form. The church and its relics are very remarkable and it is possible to take guided tours of the church every day between 9 am and 6 pm.

The school at Hólar was revived in 1882 and the agriculture school was founded as an endeavour to counteract the westward migration of the Icelandic people. Now the school teaches equine and tourism studies at University level as well as fish farming. Tourism services operate at Hólar from May to the end of August. A variety of recreational activities are available both at Hólar and in its neighbourhood. For example a pamphlet has been prepared for tourist to follow a historical trail through the interesting places at Hólar. Phone 455 6333, 455 6300.

Hvammstangi Blonduos Skagastrond Saudarkrokur Varmahlid Holar Hofsos

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