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Local Museum, Hunavatnssyslur & Strandir

Local Museum Hunavatnssyslur
Address: Reykir, 500 stağur
Tel: +354 451 0040

The museums history. The Reykir folk museum was opened on july 9th 1967. The owners of the museum are the three counties of the surrounding area: West Húnaşing, East-Húnavatnssısla county and Strandasısla-county. The museum was expanded in 1986 and now covers an area of about 600 square meters. For groups. Both small and large groups are welcome at the museum. Guided tours are available in English, Danish and Icelandic. The tours focus on the shark-fishing era and the museums artifacts of the old farming sociaty. Summer opening from May 15th 2014. Opening hours 10-18 every day except Fridays 10-21 (June - August).

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