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540 Blönduósi:

Camping area
Coffeehouse Ömmukaffi
Guesthouse Kiljan
Gladheimar Cottages
Hotel Blonduos
Blönduból hostel
Icelandic Textile Center
Information Center
Ljon nordursins Coffeehouse
N1 Gas station & shop
B&S Restaurant
Samkaup Grocery Store
Swimming pool
Textile Museum
Vatnsdœla saga on refill

Travel service
541 (rural):

Blanda Hydroelectric Power Station
Hvammur II
Hotel Húni
Stóra Gilja
Vatnsdœla saga


Skagastrond: 23 km
Saudarkrokur: 47 km
Varmahlid: 51 km
Laugarbakki: 54 km
Hvammstangi: 58 km
Holar: 78 km
Hofsos: 85 km

Akureyri: 145 km
Borgarnes: 170 km
Husavik: 236 km
Reykjavik: 244 km

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Blönduós is the largest urban area in Húnaflói bay. The employment is connected to agriculture, industry, services and fishing industry. A regional cooperative has its headquarters in Blönduós. A creamery and butchery is operated in the town. At Blönduós there is a well-equipped Hospital, health service, service apartments for the elderly, a Community centre, a Sports centre, Swimming pool, good Camping area, a Hotel, Cafés & Restaurants and much more.

Just outside the town is a 9-hole Golf course. A handcraft museum, the only one of a kind in Iceland, is to be found in Blönduós. You will also find a Sea Ice Exhibition Centre in the old part of the town and The Icelandic Textile Center in the old Woman’s handcrafts college in Blönduós.

Lakes and Rivers are found all around Blönduós were you will find many of the best Salmon and Trout fishing spots in Iceland. Hunters can visit Blönduós during the hunting season and choose from a variety of hunting areas.

The river Blanda, which runs through the town, is the longest and perhaps the most powerful Salmon river in Iceland. The source of the river Blanda is in the southwest side of the glacier Höfsjökull and it runs into Húnaflói bay at Blönduós. The catchment area of Blanda is estimated to be 2370 km2 and is among the longest rivers in the country with a length of circa 125 km. The river is one of the main salmon rivers in Iceland and has often yielded a catch of almost 3000 salmon in one summer. In the river Blanda is the Island Hrútey. This island is protected and has good walking paths.

The new Church was designed by Dr. Maggi Jónsson, it has a very distinctive look but Dr. Maggi Jónsson used paradigms from the surrounding natural environment for inspiration to the look and form of the church. The church is open all summer from the middle of June until the middle of August.

Explore the beauty of the Icelandic countryside. At Blönduós Tourist Information centre it's possible to find information about all the interesting places and recreational opportunities that can be found in the region.

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