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Address: Bjarnargil, 570 Fljót
Tel: (+354) 467 1030, | GSM (Sibba): 846 7699 GSM (Trausti): 866 8788

Hidden in beautiful and virtually unspoilt area of the Troll Peninsula surrounded by majestic Alpine-like mountain ranges, you will find us off the beaten track filled with endless hiking and skiing possibilities that only very few know of. You can be one of them, becoming a part of our Bjarnargil family, as in our guesthouse, it´s really important to us that you feel truly at home. Having been farmers, we still have the passion for local home-made products, that we serve with pride, not only during our breakfast menu.

As we know the mountain ranges surrounding our house really well, we offer local hiking trips and are ready with advice on skiing options, as well as fun activities to do – be it horse-back, bird-watching, fishing, berry picking... Whatever the season, we´re sure you will find something for yourself, especially when you enjoy tranquility and family atmospehere far away from hustle and bustle. (we´re close to a very nice fishing village Siglufjordur, though). Warmly welcome, and do contact us for bookings and further details. We are members of farm holidays network.

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