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Grocery stores and gas stations

Conference and resturant facilities



Address: GlaumbŠr , 551 Sau­ßrkrˇkur
Tel: 453 8855, 699 6102 Fax: 453 6102

Should you be in the mood for something extra special drop in and try our traditional Icelandic delicacies such as our cream or sugared pancakes, traditional Icelandic donuts (kleinur) and a variety of other cakes, biscuits and home baked bread. The aroma of coffee and hot chocolate reminds us of those cosy days at Grandma┤s During lunch it is possible to order Icelandic skyr with cream and homemade bread. Soup can be ordered in advance of groups of ten or more Opening hours on our homepage. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Our good neighbors: Strandir